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The Gonstead System of Chiropractic

Gonstead Chiropractors in Berwick

All of our OptiStart Chiropractic Berwick Chiropractors primarily use the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. We are the only practice in Berwick, Narre Warren and Beaconsfield that primarily uses the entire Gonstead system as a whole. 

What is the Gonstead System of Chiropractic?

The Gonstead system is a unique Chiropractic analysis and correction system. It is based around the concept of very thorough analysis, and on the basis of all the information acquired, deciding what corrective steps to take.

Fundamental concepts of the Gonstead system

  •  the spine requires a level foundation, and a level foundation helps establish good function above. The pelvis and tailbone (lower) area of the spine is important for level foundation.  
  • Good movement of the spine requires good function at the “disc” (intervertebral disc). The disc is the structure that sits underneath each spinal segment.
  • The subluxation (joint dysfunction with nerve pressure), involves a local loss of motion, and this occurs in a three dimensional manner. The Gonstead Chiropractor attempts to determine the exact three dimensional nature of the problem.
  • For every area of subluxation (joint dysfunction with nerve pressure) there will be another area in the spine that will compensate. This “compensation” (which may create tightness or restriction) is an effect. By using a thorough analysis the Gonstead Chiropractor searches for the true restriction, and when found the compensation (effect), can clear on it’s own.

A thorough analysis system.

The Gonstead analysis consists of 6 steps:

The goal of Chiropractic analysis is to identify the exact nature of the spinal problem (known as a subluxation). A Subluxation is a specific joint dysfunction, which affects function of the nervous system.

  1. A thorough history – your Gonstead Chiropractor correlates your health information with knowledge of what subluxation patterns usually cause.
  2. Instrumentation – the use of a hand held temperature instrument (called a nervoscope) giving information about inflammation at specific locations along your spine.
  3. Static palpation – detection of areas of swelling, tenderness, misalignment and muscle tightness.
  4. Motion palpation – assessment of specific movement patterns of each individual spinal segment.
  5. Visualisation – the assessment of postural indicators, muscle tightness or weakness.
  6. X-ray analysis (when X-rays indicated) – full spine, weight bearing X-rays allow analysis of your spinal structure, misalignment, posture, joint and disc integrity, and any contra-indications to the adjustment.

Your Gonstead Chiropractor uses all the above information to come to a complete analysis of your spine. The outcome is a greater understanding of the exact nature of the problem, allowing a more precise and specific correction.

A specific adjustment.

The adjustment is the procedure a Gonstead Chiropractor uses to correct the subluxation.

The Gonstead adjustment is unique in that

  • it addresses the three dimensional nature of the problem
  • it applies no rotational (twisting) force to the spine.
  • specific equipment (tables) are uses for different adjustment
  • analysis always occurs before an adjustment and after to ensure a correction is required, and has been effective.

Adjustments are always done at the lowest force required. Adjustments should be comfortable and gentle. Cavitation (joint noise/clicking) does not have to occur for an effective adjustment.

How can I tell if a Chiropractor is using the Gonstead system?

It can be difficult to determine if a practitioner is using the whole Gonstead system, or simply using parts of the system, or not at all. A true Gonstead practitioner will use the following pieces of equipment.

  • A hand held instrument (“nervoscope”) which glides up and down your spine at the start of the spinal analysis.
  • You will be seated for your spinal analysis and not lying on your back.
  • Special equipment will be in the room including a knee chest table, cervical chair and pelvis bench.

The Gonstead system was developed by Dr Clarence Gonstead….

Who was Dr Gonstead?

Dr Clarence Gonstead was a Chiropractor who graduated in 1923 from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the original Chiropractic College. Dr Gonstead developed his own system of analysis and correction, and was able to obtain amazing results with people, restoring their health and function.

Dr Gonstead practiced from a small town of approximately 1200 people in Mt Horeb Wisconsin. As Dr Gonstead’s reputation grew, his practice became the largest in the world. Dr Gonstead would practice from 8am to midnight, 6 days a week to accommodate the huge demand for his services.

The third practice Dr Gonstead built was the largest in the world, with a reception room of over 100 seats, 11 adjusting rooms, X-ray facilities, an adjourning hotel for out of town visitors (people would fly in from around the world for his services).

As interest in Dr Gonstead methods grew, he began to teach seminars to Chiropractors, and the Gonstead system is now taught all around the world through seminars.

The Gonstead adjustment is difficult to learn and requires hours of dedication and practice to master. Your Gonstead Chiropractor regularity practices, and attends seminars to increase his/her skills in all kinds of adjustments.

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