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Infant and Toddlers

Infant and Toddlers

Dr Adam Stewart (Chiropractor) has a special interest in Paediatric Chiropractic.

What we can help with

  • Thorough history taking and examination
  • Head shape assessments
  • Post birth assessments
  • Developmental assessments
  • Spinal, extremity, and cranial assessments
  • Gentle and specific techniques (non-clicking)
  • Specific advice and home exercises
  • Referral to other practitioners when required

Paediatric Chiropractic services in Berwick

Get in touch with our practice to arrange an appointment. Our family chiropractic practice is located close to Hallam, Officer, Narre-Warren and Cranbourne.

We can also provide chiropractic care for pregnancy, children, and adults.

Contact our Berwick Chiropractic practice on (03) 9704 7746