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Pregnancy Chiropractor

Pregnancy Chiropractor

During pregnancy your body has many hormonal and physical changes. Your centre of gravity and posture also changes. We love seeing pregnant women at our practice.

Dr Esther Finn (Chiropractor), has an interest in caring for pregnant women.

Pregnancy - an amazing journey

If you have recently become pregnant – congratulations! You are about to embark on a 9 month journey which can involve many emotions, many ups, and sometimes some downs.

There are many approaches you can take with your choices during this time, but the goal is the same for all – to be your healthiest, and help your child get the best and healthiest start to life.

Throughout this time it is important for parents to remember

  • pregnancy is a natural process
  • you can choose how you navigate the process.
  • think about what approach you want to take, discuss it together, and develop a plan together.

Seek out a team of practitioners that can support you in your pregnancy health goals. These may include Chiropractors, midwives, doulas, Naturopaths, and other practitioners.

10 Steps to a Healthier Pregnancy

  1. Learn about pregnancy. Appreciate how your baby develops so you can understand their growing needs.
  2. Broaden your knowledge by interviewing other women, couples, and maternity care providers, and then decide on your individual approach to pregnancy.
  3. Learn about general health and wellness.
  4. Get checked by a wellness orientated Chiropractor.
  5. Assess your pre-pregnancy health status.
  6. Adopt self-care principles and healthy lifestyle habits.
  7. Focus on a wholesome nutritious diet
  8. Reduce your toxic load.
  9. Maintain a positive learning attitude.
  10. Relax, meditate and connect with your baby.

(Source:  Well Adjusted Babies )

OptiStart Chiropractic – what we offer

Our goal is to help your body function without interference. We see pregnancy as a wonderful and magical process, and we are passionate about supporting you in this time.

As your pregnancy progresses, the extra weight of your baby can increase the load on your body tissues. Furthermore, changes in hormones make ligaments of your spine more relaxed.

Posture and alignment become increasingly important considerations as the pregnancy progresses.

As the unborn baby develops, weight is projected forward and the lumbar lordosis is increased, placing extra stress on the intervertebral disks and facet joints. Low back pain is a common complaint as the pregnancy progresses, due to a number of factors, including stress on ligaments, joints, and muscles around the lumbar (low back) vertebra, and sacro-iliac (pelvis) joints.

In addition, increases in circulating hormones, may create pelvic hypermobility and instability.

In addition to Chiropractic care, advice can be given on how to reduce stress on your body, and maximise the changes of good and comfortable movement. Guidance can also be given on appropriate stretches, and exercise.

We have special tables (chiropractic equipment) which allow us to care for you comfortably as you grow throughout each trimester. Naturally, X-rays will not be used in pregnancy care.

Why choose OptiStart Chiropractic for your pregnancy care?

  • Thorough history taking and examination
  • A special interest in pregnancy care
  • We see you in a holistic way, and see pregnancy as a natural process. 
  • Spinal and pelvis assessments
  • Postural assessments and advice
  • Special techniques and tables to ensure that the process is easy and comfortable

Book an appointment with our pregnancy chiropractors today

Get in touch with our practice to arrange for an appointment. The chiropractors at OptiStart can also care for babies and the entire family.

We can’t wait to meet you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Chiropractors


Dr Adam Stewart

Dr. Adam (Chiropractor) is a chiropractor with 17 years experience in practice. He is passionate about preventative healthcare, with chiropractic, nutrition, exercises, and meditation forming the basis of his health philosophy. 

In 2014, Adam opened OptiStart Chiropractic with the aim of providing families with a healthier life. 

Pregnancy Chiropractor

Dr Esther Finn

Esther started her journey with Gonstead chiropractic as a young child and hasn’t looked back since.

Esther is originally from Adelaide and moved to Sydney to study at Macquarie University where she obtained a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic.


Dr Jeff Leow

Dr Jeff (Chiropractor) is originally from Malaysia and moved to Australia to study a double Bachelor in Chiropractic Science and Health Science. Jeff is fluent in 4 languages: English Mandarin, Bahasa (Malay) and Cantonese and is from a culturally diverse background.

Jeff Lives in Box Hill and enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis in his time out, he also plays piano and the ukulele.

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