Tummy time

December 6, 2017

Tummy time is recognized as an important activity for gross motor development in babies.

Tummy time is also important for the development of head shape.

There are several factors which influence tummy time ability including age, sleep position, time spent in daily awake tummy time, and order of achievement of neck extension and arm position.

There has been research links been tummy time ability and gross motor development. This includes the development of milestones such as rolling ability.

A recent study has looked at the degree of fussiness that a baby has when on tummy time and the risk of motor delay. This study found an association between increased fussiness and motor delays in a group of babies.

General advice based on research is that babies at 2 months of age should be having at least 15 minutes tummy time per day. For more specific advice about the length of time at different ages, the number of sessions required, and assessment of arm and head use ability, health practitioner advice should be sought.

(References available in request)