High heels and your body!

OptiStart Chiropractic
November 8, 2018

With spring racing in full swing many of us will be thinking of dressing up and possibly popping on a pair of heels. Research shows that 72%of women wear heels for work or special occasions so it would be great to know what it is doing to out body.

When you wear high heels your body compensates in order to maintain balance. To do this the calf, hip and back muscles tens; increased pressure is placed on the balls of the feet and knees; the lower back pushes forward which takes the pelvis and spine out of alignment. This can be why you don’t feel great after a day or night in heels. If you are a daily high heel wearer the long term affects are changes to posture and alignment including a flattening of the natural curves in our spine designed for shock absorption; anatomical changes including shortening of muscles, damage to joints especially in the lumbar region and in some cases spinal nerve pressure causing sciatica.

If you love wearing heels here are a few things you can doto minimise the effects on your body.

1. Avoid wearing heels for long periods of time

2. Stretch your legs regularly

3. Avoid pointed toes

4. Vary your footwear throughout the day

5. SEE YOUR CHIROPRACTOR - Ensure your spinal health is upto scratch and your nervous system is functioning optimally