Fruity Christmas Tree Recipe

November 30, 2017

Here's a great idea for a healthy Christmas desert. Enjoy!


1. To create the tree's internal structure, cut slices from apple ends, so it sits flat on a round board.

2. Carve out a 3cm-deep hole in apple wide enough to fit carrot top. Don't carve all the way through.

3. Sit the carrot into the apple and swivel until it sits firmly in apple.

4. Use a metal skewer to poke holes into the carrot at different heights. cut wooden skewers into different sized lengths, then stick into holes (longer ones towards the base of tree, and small ones towered top)

5. Stud skewers with fruit, as desired.

note: we used green grapes, kiwifruit (cut into halves and quarters, with some flesh pieces cut into star shapes), hulled strawberries and watermelon (cut into star shapes)

tip: This edible festive tree makes a great centrepiece - let the kids pick the fruit straight off for their dessert!