OptiStart Chiropractic
January 22, 2018

Balance is another quality that depends on several aspects of our nervous system. These are the reasons we check posture and balance so frequently in the practice. 

Good balance is dependent on function of our various systems:

 - vestibular

- visual

- spinal

            We call this the S.E.E. principle.   (Spine, Ears, Eyes).

You will notice that when we often do testing in the practice with your eyes open, and eyes closed. This allows us to take out your dominant visual system, thus isolating your balance to the vestibular and spinal systems.

Balance is important at all ages. For example:

            - learning to cruise, and learning to walk.

            - progressing to fast walking, and running.

            - when learning a sport.

            - when wanting to perform at the highest level sports.

            - when walking in less light (such as going to the toilet at night)

            - to reduce the risk of falls in older people.

 In short, good balance is an essential neurological quality.