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Interactive Metronome® (IM) Melbourne

Looking to develop your attention, processing speed and working memory? These are among a few of the elements that IM aims to improve.

Interactive Metronome

IM is an assessment and training tool that measures neurotiming, which is linked to cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance.

At OptiStart, we offer IM as an option to help people, especially children, improve their cognitive functions for better health and function.

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Casey Natural Health Care

Casey Natural Health Care is run by practitioner Lorraine Pratley, a fully qualified Medical Herbalist as well as a proud member and Chapter Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation and member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia.

Lorraine cares about promoting knowledge of nutrition and good health to her clients, and has a love for teaching which she channels into her workshops and consultations.

Having travelled her own journey to recover her health, as well as knowing first-hand how much ill-health can impact our lives, Lorraine has great empathy for people with health problems.

Lorraine offers:

  • Treatment or management of a wide range of health complaints for people of all ages, including mental health.
  • Consultations to create an individualised natural medicine treatment plan for you, usually comprising of a delicious and satisfying, nutrient-dense eating plan along with therapeutic herbs
  • Stand alone dietary assessment to ensure you are consuming the nutrients to support healing and/or the demands of our busy, modern lives.
  • Stand alone blood test evaluation - against healthier reference ranges to ensure early indications of health problems are picked up.
  • Healthy weight management and treatment of cravings.
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