What is love?

OptiStart Chiropractic
February 6, 2018

This month our theme is “love.” But what is love?

When reflecting on love I am reminded of the Buddhist definition of love and the difference between love and attachment.

Attachment is a feeling of grasping at something – it is both exciting, and irritating at the same time!  It’s the feeling you have when you are searching for happiness in something OUTSIDE of yourself. For example, when you are craving chocolate you desire it and you feel it will give you happiness. You have an initial buzz of excitement and pleasure when you have it, then you feel you need more to create the same feeling. Eventually, after a full block of chocolate, your attachment will soon turn to aversion!

We often associate love with only the romantic buzz that we feel. You may have experienced the buzz of excitement when you “fall in love with someone.” The romantic feeling we have towards others when we first meet someone might better be described as attachment – in attachment there is a craving for something that we feel makes US feel good.

But love may be better defined as:

- “the feeling of strong wish for the other person to be happy”

- “the strong caring for others, including putting them completely before ourselves in the current moment”

This feeling is enduring because it is without expectation and craving. This feeling benefits others around you, but also makes your own mind feel good. True love is not mixed with thoughts of self benefit, and is non-sexual.

True love can be directed towards your closest partner, your family, your colleagues, your community, and your world.

At OptiLife Chiropractic this month we are sending love your way!