Tummy time: a journey towards crawling

OptiStart Chiropractic
November 8, 2018

In the last few months we have run two successful tummy time workshops.

Tummy time is such as important essential process to help babies to develop the ability to crawl well. These things are all important groundwork in developing a healthy motor system in the young adult.

A baby passes through several stages in the first year, starting with the ability to support the head upright, then when lying on their front. With good neck control and arm use, a baby then starts to roll front-back, then back-front. These patterns then progress to the stages of commando crawling, all 4 crawling, and sitting.

The benefits of tummy time include improved motor development, head shape, sensory benefits, sleep, and social skills.

For help with any difficulties please let us know.

May your child excel with their motor milestones!