The unsettled baby and the gut

OptiStart Chiropractic
August 6, 2018

The unsettled baby syndrome is one of the most common clinical presentations in our practice. Unsettled baby syndrome can have many effects including developmental delays, hyperactivity, breastfeeding difficulties, sleep disturbances and effects on the mother-child bonding relationship.

At OptiStart Chiropractic we look into all the possible reasons a baby could be unsettled. This includes illness, subluxation (joint discomfort), sensitivities, nurture, underfed and tiredness. Your child’s gut and digestion is most commonly affected by sensitivities. There are four main area’s that present with gut sensitivities including behavioural changes, bowel dysfunction (including constipation, straining and explosive bowel motions), respiratory changes and skin rashes. Gut comfort can be affected by taste (certain foods can affect the taste of breast milk and all formulas have their own flavour), chemical (caffeine transferred through breast milk), intolerances (for example:- lactose intolerance) and allergies (for example:- cows milk protein allergy, gluten, nuts and seafood). Any combination of these can affect gut comfort in your child. At OptiStart Chiropractic we work with you to try and discover what is making your child’s gut unsettled to eliminate these issues in the future.