The “nurture” concept to enhance settledness in baby’s

OptiStart Chiropractic
December 13, 2018

With Christmas approaching, we all want out babies to be at their most settled.

One concept to understand in baby’s is the concept of “nurture”.

The first 12 weeks of life can be considered the “fourth trimester.” By this we mean that a baby’s needs may be similar to the trimester before – a baby has suddenly transitioned from the dark, warm, confined space of the womb, to a world of light, noise, and varied temperatures. A baby’s needs change at 3-6 months – as we transition towards more routine and structure generally.

 Strategies to consider in the first 1-2 months of life include:

             - swaddling

           - massage

           - frequent holding/cuddling/touch.

           - movement(especially when in your arms)

           - skin to skin contact (also known as Kangaroo care).

           - co-sleeping and room sharing

           - frequent breastfeeding.

- Baby-wearing

- deep bathing (bathing with mum/dad or both)

- getting outside (open air often helps calm a baby)

- accurate perception and early response to infant cues(“parental responsiveness”)

For more information on the scientific literature of these strategies please discuss with us at your next appointment.

We wish you all a restful first Christmas with your new baby.