The bigness of your gut!

OptiStart Chiropractic
August 6, 2018

Your gut or digestive system has a huge impact on your body’s ability to function and thrive. The digestive system is made up of a collection of organs that break down food and turn it into useable energy. Your digestive system is home to a large number of bacteria that make up your gut flora, the flora is essential to our immune system. The gut flora is involved in the creation and regulation of the factors that make up the immune system. When the gut flora is out of balance the whole immune system is unable to effectively function. Recent studies are giving further support to the gut brain relationship and the affects an unhealthy gut can have on your mental health and brain function. The function of your digestive system is controlled by your autonomic nervous system. If your digestive or nervous system is not functioning correctly then every system in your body will be affected.