Stress and the holiday season!

OptiStart Chiropractic
December 13, 2018

Part of your nervous system is your AutonomicNervous System (ANS). It has three parts Parasympathetic (rest and digest),Sympathetic (fight and flight) and the Enteric (brain of the gut). These all need to be working in balance for optimum health and function. Often in our modern lives the balance is out and the Sympathetic nervous system takes over which puts us in fight and flight mode.

This can present with

·     Increase in heart and breathing rate

·     Feeling on edge or overstimulated(like you have just had 17 double shot coffees)

·     Affect your tolerance to things round you (getting easily aggravated at family and friends)

·     Not waking rested in the morning after 8+ hours of sleep or waking frequently in the night

·     Digestive system feeling sluggish and bloated

If you notice yourself or someone around you slipping into the fight and flight response and can’t seem to break the pattern talk to us about how we can help you get your nervous system back in balance.