Spine health

OptiStart Chiropractic
October 9, 2018

Top tips for a healthy spine

1.    See your chiropractor

2.    Make exercise part of your lifestyle. Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy spine – focus on light weight exercise, stretching and strengthening your abdominal and core muscles.

3.    Engage your mind daily. Meditation has shown in studies to help reduce chronic pain

4.    Evaluate your sitting posture. Ensure your desk and work area is set up to support your spine. You could also consider a standing desk or transitional desk where you can both sit and stand through the day.

5.    Go for a walk

Regularmovement helps the spine function well. The benefits of walking includestrengthening the core, nourishing your spine and improving flexibility.

6.    Match your pillow to yoursleeping position

Ensure your pillow helps support your neck while you sleep. There are different pillows for side and back sleepers. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

7.    If you struggle with exercise, try exercising in the pool. Exercise in the pool reduces the stress on your joints and provides gentle resistance to help strengthen your muscles.

8.    Treat yourself to Myotherapy. Myotherapy can be a great option for reducing stress and chronic tightness in your muscles. We have a great Myotherapist Shelby at OptiStart ready to sort out all your myotherapy needs.

9.    Lift correctly. Lifting incorrectly can be an easy way to hurt your back. Make sure every time you lift you use great technique as even light weight objects can cause harm.