Our amazing bodies – digestion, absorption, and constipation.

OptiStart Chiropractic
March 15, 2018

- Without thinking about it, our body creates salvia to begins the digestion process

- Our stomach creates acid to digest food particles.

- Bile is produced in the liver and secreted into small intestine to assist with fat digestion.

- Fecal bulk in the colon causes mass peristaltic movements.

- When the rectum is filled with feces, afferent messages to the spinal cord at the 2-3-4th sacral region, then leads to motor impulses and relation of the external anal sphincter.


When things go wrong (constipation)

·      Defective rectal filing, leads to colonic stasis, and excessive drying of stool.

·      Whole process can then become self perpetuating, and cycle continues,

·      Distention of rectum lessens sensitivity of defecation reflex and effectiveness of peristalsis.                                                                                                   

·      Distention of the proximal bowel then follows, which increases intraluminal pressure, decreasing blood flow, leading to deteriation of the mucosal barrier.

·      Bacteria can then proliferate.                                                                                                                                 


Our process


·      Take a thorough history and complete a thorough examination, including the whole nervous system and abdominal exam.

·      Rule out “medical pathology.”

·      Find the level of nerve intereference. This is often the sacrum, as the nerves to the bowel pass through here.

·      Correct the nerve interference.

·      Give specific advice around other aspects of management

·      Refer for advice around nutrition. For example, Lorraine Pratley – Natural Medicine practitioner.