Innate lifestyle habits

OptiLife Chiropractic
May 15, 2018

It’s Chiropractic care week, and the theme this year is “Chiro can help.” 

Topics such as back pain due to prolonged sitting, or neck pain due to excessive phone usage are prominent themes this month. If we are not careful, promoting these themes may lead the public to think that Chiropractic is all about sore backs and necks.

The reality is that Chiropractic is so much more that that - it’s about creating our optimal life, by allowing out innate health ability to express fully. Chiropractic was never intended as a “treatment” for any particular problem. The intention is to clear the nervous system, so the body can heal itself.

However, this month’s Chiropractic care week topic has got me thinking about healthy habits and the role they play in our ability to remain Subluxation free. Dr Esther and I frequently receive questions such as “should I do this” or “should I do that”, in regard to lifestyle habits, such as exercises, stretching, nutrition, and so forth.

The truth is that deep down most of you don’t need “prescriptive, outside in” advice about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. So when you ask us these specific questions you’ll often receive the answer, “what do you think you should do?” thus prompting you to bring forth the answers that are already within you.

Most of us simply need a simple reminder (and some encouragement) that we have all the answers within us. You don’t see animals teaching other animal’s how to stretch and move properly - they are just tuned into their own inner bodies - they do it innately.

So this month focus on tuning in to what your body needs from moment to moment, and create a lifestyle that allows your innate wisdom to express itself.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the practice this month, and hearing about all the ways that you are living your life to the fullest.


                                                Yours, Dr Adam and Dr Esther.