How we view you and your health

OptiStart Chiropractic
May 15, 2018

At OptiStart Chiropractic we see people as more than just chemical and mechanical processes. You are more than your “problem,” or “condition.” 

We see you in a wholistic and vitalistic way. That means the we see you as a whole person, existing and functioning as “LIVING ENERGY.”

This intelligent living energy exists throughout your body, but is transmitted over the master system – the nervous system.

Without us having to think about it, our intelligent energy systems control the functions of the body. Imagine the effort required it you had to constantly think about the millions of functions occurring in your body every moment, every day – you would be exhausted!

We also see you as PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER. As individual humans we exist in connection with other humans, other animals, plants, the environment, and nature around us. We are part of a bigger energy system.

The big idea of Chiropractic is that we can all function well individually, and this good internal function benefits us as a being, but also contributes to the health of our communities, nation, and universe.

Our practice is different from many others, in that we acknowledge your body’s own ability to self-develop, heal, and function, and therefore do not try to “treat” your symptoms or conditions from the “outside in.”

Instead, we search for areas where your body is not working well, and remove these areas of interference, so that your body can have it’s best chance of expressing it’s inner intelligence.