OptiStart Chiropractic
March 15, 2018

Subluxation quite commonly occurs when physical stress is too much for the internal resistance of the body. Examples of excessive physical stress can include birth, back packs, sitting too much, too much or too little exercises and so in. In fact, the body is exposed CONSTANTLY to external stress.

Falls are another common physical stress. The vast majority of injuries (90%) to the body are “non-medical” - classified as mild. Important things to know when a falls occurs include the  height of the fall, the surface, the body parts which made contact with the ground, and the object that the fall occurred from.

The main causes of trauma in children to to consider are:

 -motor vehicle accident

 - falls

- pedestrian

- accidents

- bicycle injuries

-sports injuries

Within chiropractic practice, I suggest children who have had a serious accident or fall consult to emergency medicine practice – when pathology is ruled out, the child should return for Subluxation assessment.

Minor falls can be managed within the chiropractic practice initially. Sometimes a longer appointment may be required to re-evaluate your child’s status. Minor falls are common as children learn to walk, grow and develop. They are part of play and life. As falls can create Subluxation, it follows that Subluxation’s will be common in children.

Chiropractic’s objective is to analyze and correct vertebral subluxation, removing nerve interference, so the body can function at it’s best.