OptiStart Chiropractic
March 15, 2018

Crawling well usually requires the attainment of good head control, arm use, and rolling ability. The signs the crawling is about to occur include rocking on the spot, pushing backwards, spinning in circles, and frustration! 

These are good signs and usually indicate that crawling will occur in the following month. Crawling begins with upper and low body movement, occurring on one side. This is followed by the use of one arm or one leg, then the cross crawl pattern of one leg and the opposite arm moving in synchrony. Crawling typically occurs in the 6-9 month age range. We consider crawling after 10 months a “delay”. 

Indicators that increase our suspicion that there is interference to the normal process include:

• Dislike of prone time between 2 months and 6 months age

• Inability to roll both ways by 6 months. 

• Asymmetrical use of the arms/legs. 

• “Crab crawl” or “bum shuffle” or “one arm arm” crawling styles. 

• Delays in initiation of crawling. 

We are interested in ensuring all babies start life having been checked for Subluxation and nerve interference, as only we can do. We feel that this ensures the best chance for a baby to attain milestones, including crawling in the correct manner. 

The developing body is always better off without subluxation.