Chiropractic and sports PERFORMANCE

OptiStart Chiropractic
September 21, 2018

What’s the role of Chiropractic in sports performance orinjury?


Chiropractic was never intended to be used to “treat” anyparticular condition.


So when you are using Chiropractic in relation to a“diagnosed condition” you are slightly off with the PURPOSE of Chiropractic.


The same applies when using Chiropractic in the sportsdomain.


If you are using Chiropractic to “treat” muscle strainsafter sport, osteitis pubis, hamstring strains, shoulder dislocations, tenniselbow, golfer’s elbow, or any other CONDITION, then Chiropractic is beingslightly mis-used.


This doesn’t mean Chiropractic shouldn’t be used when youHAVE THOSE CONDITIONS, or any other condition.


It’s just that Chiropractic is intended to find theSubluxation, and correct it so that the nervous system and body can WORKBETTER. When the body starts to work better those problems may simply start tofade away.


Then there is the concept of PREVENTION. Is it possible thatwhen the body is functioning better that a muscle strain, or other sportsrelated condition is less likely to arise?


Any when there is no subluxation in the body, is it possiblethat your PERFORMANCE in your given sport with be better, hence helping you beyour best.


So, if you are an elite athlete, or a weekend warrior, howdoes Chiropractic fit into your HEALTHY sports/exercise approach?


Move well, live well –TODAY.