Amazing facts about your babies spine

OptiStart Chiropractic
October 9, 2018

Some amazing facts about your developing babies spine:

 -at birth the spinal column s 40% total body height (same as adult)

- at birth the length is approximately 24cm.

- during first year – spine will increase in length by 12cm.

- from age 1-5- increases by another 15 cm (greatest periodof growth)

- from 5-10 years- grows another 10 cm.

- From 10-18 years- grows 18 cm in boy, and 15 cm in girls.

 By the end of the adolescent period the spine will have grown by 70 cm!

 The spine is one of the first structures of the human body to form beginning in the first 2 weeks in after conception. By day 26 after conception the neural tube is formed.

 - Ossification (full bone formation) is not complete until your child turns 22-25!!

- The development of a child’s cervical (neck) curves occurin the first 3-9 months of live.

- The lumbar curve (low back) develops in response tostanding posture e.g. 12-18 months.

Infants have a higher amount of ligamentous laxity (loose joints), and a different structure in the spine. This develops over childhood. All this predisposes to spinal instability (risk for subluxation and spinal injuries)

- The fulcrum of motion in the cervical spine in children is at the C2-C3 level; in the adult cervical spine, the fulcrum is at the C5-C6level

- This means that stress to a child’s neck will often affecttheir upper neck, but stress to an adults neck is more likely to affect thelower neck.


Risk factors for stress/injury to an infant’s neck includes:

- breech vaginal or caesarian delivery

- forceps delivery

-inuterine position(e.g. transverse)

- premature birth

- fast delivery

- multiple fetuses

- shoulder dystocia

- hypoxia

- birth weight above 4000gm